Welcome to MM Web Design Services - to see what I can do, look at my clients' websites below rather than mine!

I am an English programmer, experienced in web design services, living in Granada, Nicaragua. I offer a web design & development service from £500 ($750) inclusive of one year's hosting with a top American provider. I will also assist you with the registration of your choice of website name.
The fact that I live in Nicaragua is good news for you as l don't charge the European or American fees that I would have to if I were working in London.

Our web design service includes:

  • Communicarion via Skype and/or by email to discuss and develop your ideas about the website & web design you want - I do not write template websites as so many do
  • A comprehensive questionnaire designed to focus on your business thereby enabling us to assist in achieving your goals
  • A complete website written to your specification with a modern responsive web design and interface that will look good on large screens as well as tablets and mobile phones
  • Promotion on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to attract visitors to your site which should in turn  generate new business for you
  • Reasonable updates and maintenance for one year
  • Advice on domain names - the right name can significantly improve rankings with search engines
  • Domain name registration (for which you pay at cost) and free web hosting with SiteGround for one year
  • Regular website backups - daily (code changes)/weekly (everything) which can be automatically delivered to you via DropBox or some similar service
  • Implementation of robust security to protect your new website from third-party intrusions/invasions
  • 3 email addresses
  • Supply of all passwords and access information
  • Assistance in helping you to make your own changes to your new website

Please contact me, Michael Maxwell, by using the form below, emailing: michael@mmweb.design
or calling me 8am-8pm CST on +505 8998 7125

Current time in Nicaragua

Below are the websites I have written, am writing or about to write whilst in Nicaragua:

(Click the underlined link to visit the actual website - Hover over any image for more information about that website)

(It may take a little juggling with the mouse to navigate to the underlined links - I wanted to create a concise one page overview)

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